Level actions test

The play was smoother than the video picked up.
Took some of the Lamprey Standoff shooting angles.


    • • Fix the elevator shift problem
      > No longer shifts and look very nice, the player must be near center of the elevator and player cannot walk unless gHeight = 0
    • • Level Change
      • • Change screens by pushing up on a door and going through
      • • Go through Doors
      • • Change global variable for going through door  to a hold the number of times that player goes enters the room (starting at “0”).
        > if that number is greater than 1 the player is returning to a room and should in the same state as when the player was left.
      • • Fix the don’t leave Background script to work on multiple hallways.
        > The quick fix is to have sprite 1 through 5 be the only hallways and the test for the background the player is on.
      • • Level Design: What will the key look like, where will it be found.
      • • Level Design: Separate the level graphics to speed up level design
    • • Badguy
      • • Collision Detection – green goo when they are hit
      • • Set sprite numbers that will be the bad guys so that movement will effect them
        (100 to 119) the hotspots will be 120 to 139)
    • • Player
      • • Stop before leaving the background image
      • • Left and right walk
      • • Player run speed is too slow, the feet are animating faster than the screen is moving
      • • Shoot sprite only effect other sprites if the the blend = 100
    • • Fix needed; When running and shot is pressed TakenX slides while the shot animation plays. Shooting needs to stop the forward movement
    • • Adding shooting sound and sprite effect
      • • projectiles
      • • Adjust the time limit for shooting, so that player can shoot faster.
      • • Add the sound
      • • Create Muzzle flashes for all the angle that player can fire.
      • • get the art into the game
      • • Add the code from Lamprey standoff to allow shooting high low and across.
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