Another video of Reposte test

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  • Jan14
    • • SpyKar AI
      • • Hotspots need to be PNG to stop the shifting when direction changes
      • • Improve the impression of Spykar flight – Player movement should effect the Target positions.
      • • Spykar AI: Moving target code in 200 part chunks works
      • • Spykar AI: it can’t Horizontally go off the map
      • • When a bad guy is kill remove it hotspot fast or the player may still be hit by a bad guy he has already killed
      • • Spykar Adjust height
      • • Enemies should never keep the center.
      • • Spykar AI:  Add Hunt state
        • • If Spykar is on screen then (weighted random)
          – What do I do?
          – Move Here, Move There or Attack
        • • Add variable “pMyState” so mark when Hunt and when Patrol
        • • Spykar might change levels when they are about the attack, making  shooting them difficult.
    • • Add Gasp 1
    • • Score
    • • Player hit reaction animation
    • • No Player movement while the hit animation is playing
    • • Add Player hit sound
    • • Add Player footsteps
    • • Player shot should only hit on the enemy body. Bullet need to be smaller
    • • Fixed: Shooting while Getting hit has a issue
    • • Spykar AI: careful that the bad guy does not sit on top of the player sprite or it will eat up the player health until death.
      • • A simple solution would be to kill the bad guy if it hits player but that seems cheap
    • • Add a fadein to each room entry
    • • Add alternate hit animation for TakenX
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