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  1. Cool. Of course Teiha’s owners would want her back and resurrected–she’s such a crowd pleaser. And as we see in “Aftermath,” she can be quite entertaining out of the arena as well.

    Regarding the worm, if other worms are easily available, then its owners probably would take credits for the winner and let it be dissected. They could buy another worm with the reimbursement.

    Hanging the worm upside down could work: the crew would pull Teiha’s body head-first through the worm’s mouth. Her armor and boots could be partially dissolved, leaving her mostly naked.

    The cutting table could work too. The crew could cut a slit in the worm and pull Teiha’s body through it. The partially dissolved armor could slide off as she’s dragged through the incision, leaving her completely nude, with the remains of her armor hanging out of the slit.

    Aslo, you’ve never shown Teiha going through the revival process. That would be cool to see.

  2. I just realized something after all the years I’ve loved this series.

    In the final panel, there’s goop running from the opening in the worm’s side, and parts of its guts seem to be resting on the lower right lip of the opening.

    I always assumed the picture showed a cut-away view of Teiha in the worm’s gut, but now I think it may show that the arena crew has cut open the worm to remove Teiha’s body.

    Is that right, Dave?

    • Wow. I had to think way back. I leave it open for interpretation but my original intent was a non-uniform cross section view, like sticking weirdly shaped glass object through the Raspworm to see the inside. The slime running down that side is the saliva seen in the early shots. The owners will want their property back(or equivalent credit) so I have to think a little more on how the retrieval process works. If damage of the winner was a concern I was going with hang the RW upside down, but that’s not as sexy as throw it on cutting table number 4.

  3. Hey, wow, a new panel! Nice! It’s a good one, too. For a short vignette, this little sequence just won’t quit lol!

    Gotta give this a 10. It’s a web icon.

  4. Love the added panel, Image 8, showing Teiha going down the worm’s throat. Excellent stuff; really adds to her plight.

    Maybe you’ll continue “The Aftermath;” seemed as if Teiha was going to provide more personal entertainment–maybe in some very explicit “close combat,” so to speak?

    Great to see the site up again! Thanks, Dave.

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