Note: These were created using Director and require the Adobe Shockwave plugin.

Lamprey Stand Off

A simple shooting gallery type game. Featuring Taken X defending herself from a horde of alien lamprey. Player uses the mouse to click in the direction they want to fire.


Side scroller / platform game where player navigates through a few levels.


Xyla Assault

Rough game play test for a portion of the new game. You can mainly see the update the Lamprey graphics. Its missing the animation for losing and the travel game play.


Work on some walk cycles, and other elements.

A side by side of the Lamprey Stand Off remake.

14 thoughts on “Experimental

  1. I like the abdomen treatment you use in image 17, the make-up test. That belly would add more detail to the Lamprey Stand-off sprite.

    By the way, I like the middle example in the make-up test.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your new stuff. I love your art, keep up the good work! I don’t really play that game, to respond to your question. But if those videos show what’s going to be in a new, I’ll have to try! ^_^

  3. Cool, I had crazy idea. Ill be using it to deliver a story in game format. There are some videos on site now that show the update to the graphics. Actually the story arc between Border Battle 2 and Lost Xyla A, is going to be covered this way.
    Bererker – Thanks agian for the feedback

  4. I’ll still play Lamprey once in awhile. Just did, actually 🙂 Only problem I’ve had with shockwave is that it wants to update before I play the game. Guess that’s because I don’t really use it for any other applications.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a short story based on the game. I know you could do a better game-based story than Uwe Boll.

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